WSIECO has been providing separation and filtration systems for removal of contaminants from natural gas streams. The filter separator can remove solids and liquids that are captured and separated from the process to produce pure, clean gas streams.


Filter Separator


Filter separator is the use of filter media on the gas solid or liquid drop of intercept action to realize separation operation. It can separate gas dust and small solid liquid fog droplet.

Choosing different filtration medium and reasonable filter structure and polarity combination will make separation accuracy reach 1 ~ 10 μ m. Removing oil filter separation precision can reach 0.01μ m. Filter separator has high separation efficiency up to 99% ~ 99.99%. It is the highest separation efficiency and most stable separation method.


Filter separator is mainly used for efficient removal of solid and liquid particles, regardless of the particle size these also can be applied.

  • Removing extremely small dust and smoke
  • Eliminating lubricants from processing air
  • Removing impurity from upstream gas pipelines in regulator stations and compressor stations
  • Removing ethanol from the gas after dehydration

Horizontal Filter Separator Structure

Vertical Filter Separator


  • Quick opening closure allows easy and rapid access to the filter assembly for cartridge replacement.
  • All filter elements are readily accessible and changed quickly.
  • Choice of wire mesh mist extractor or vane type mist extractor.
  • Wide range of sizes and capacities are available. Large sizes, providing high capacity, are available as horizontal units only.

Filter Element

When differential pressure value of the pressure gauge reaches 150 kpa, we suggest to clean or replace filter element.

  • Natural hydrophobicity to guarantee the achievement of the absolute filtration requirements in dry and wet conditions
  • Filter Membrane pore structure meets the orifice plate model, low pressure under working condition.
  • Strong Negative electrostatic membrane, good anti-pollution performance and long service life
  • Large filtering area, high gas flux and less energy consumption
  • Good Temperature resistant performance, air impact resistance, can be repeated steam disinfection

filter element


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