WSIECO provides pig launcher and pig receiver range from simple barrel pipeline pig launcher and receiver through to complete skid mounted units with associated equipment including actuated valves, quick opening closures, instrumentation, pig signallers and control systems.


Pig Launcher & Receiver Overview

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pig launcher & receiver is installed on pipelines to launch and receive pipeline pigs, pipeline spheres and pipeline inspection tools, and offers a safe and effective means of inserting and removing pipeline pigs to and from pipelines. Pipeline Engineering fabricates pig launchers and pig receivers to meet the specific requirements of pipelines in sub-sea, off-shore and onshore applications.

Pig launcher is located at the upstream end of the pipeline to launch the pig into the pipeline. Pig receiver is located at the downstream end of the pipeline to remove the pig from the pipeline.

Pig launcher & receiver is produced in a range of materials, from low strength carbon steel to high strength carbon steel. And somewhere specified is using stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and carbon steel internally clad with corrosion resistant inconel materials.

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pig Launcher & Pig Receiver Design Structure

Pig Launcher Structure

Pig Receiver Structure

Pig Launcher & Receiver Feature

As the pig launcher or pig receiver is nonstandard equipment, it can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requirement.

  • Carbon steel Body
  • NPT vent, Drain,Pressure Gauge,Pig signaler connections
  • Alternate Elastomer seals to suit various applications
  • Additional Ancillary connections
  • Lifting Lugs for installation
  • Support legs or skirt
  • Weld neck flanged connections
  • Special coating

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pipeline Pigging System

pigging system

Pigging systems recover lost product, eliminate flush waste, minimize the cost of using dedicated piping, and result in consistently higher product quality. Pigging systems help companies be more competitive, reach continuous improvement goals, and be better stewards of the environment.

As a pig launcher and receiver manufacturer and supplier, Wsieco has provided total solutions of pipeline pigging.


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